Hop Bines in the sun

Pictures soon...

This past weekend we got most of the area cleaned out a much as needed - and hoping to wrap that up this weekend and with a little bit of luck get the lumber we need dropped off so we can get started.

Design is mostly decided on.  Along the back wall will be a 6 foot section, with a lower roll-away base on the far left end - this will be for the filled fermenter, to roll it down to the fermentation chamber.   On the right end we are going to have the smaller sink right in the corner, and from there it will extend out into the basement.  From here we have one of two options. It will either end there, out 9 feet from the back wall, or alternatively it will wrap back around in a horseshoe shape.  Possibly just a 4 foot section.

Or my third option is to move the the opposite wall and set up so that with your back to the front wall the work area follows the wall to your left side, out the same 8 feet, then turns into the room for 8 feet again.   Benefit to this is we would have a window behind the work area, and it is more out of the way.  Also closer to the electric panel.  Downsides are that water, drainage, and ventilation would need to run all the way across the basement. But it would be a "cleaner" work area as far as obstructions go, and it could theoretically morph into a brew/bar area.... Decisions, decisions.