Hop Bines in the sun

FINALLY got around to brewing this one again and curious to see how it turns out.  

Changed around a little bit based on what ingredients I had on hand..  Subbed 6lb of LME for the DME the original recipe called for, and adjusted the hops a little, the %AA on my Perle was a bt lower than what was called for so bumped that up a little... 

My yeast was past it's prime, when I boght it the expiration was getting close, and then I couldn't brew for a while.  I made a 1L starter, followed by 3L to bring the cell count up.  Then, things happened, and I didint get to bre for a few more weeks.  We will see how it goes!

Homebrew wort in kettle


Ever since the first time I tried Dead Guy I have been a fan. Actually, like just about everything Rogue.  Ever since I started brewing a DG clone was in the plans. It just had to be. It isn't super easy to get near here (More of a drive than difficult..) and to buy enough to share the price sure adds up. Plus it sure would be nice to have this one on tap in the basement every couple months!

Sometime in the next week I am going to have to get this one going.  I always said I would hold out until my temperature control is solid, and I have run two brews, one a lager, through my fermentation fridge and it has been great. Holding within 1/2 degree of my set point and ramping up and down perfectly when needed.  So, it is time.

I looked around and found a bunch of different recipes.  I finally settled on one that was supposed to have been developed in collaboration with one of the brewers at Rogue. True? I don't know. But I am going to give it a shot, planning on this weekend if we get a rainy day that keeps us inside.  Everything was ordered from MoreBeer.com.  I hope to wash and save the yeast for future batches as well.


Batch Size 6.010 gal Boil Size 3.260 gal
Boil Time 1.000 hr Efficiency  
OG 1.063 sg FG 1.016 sg
ABV 6.5% IBU 32.1 (Tinseth)
Color 9.3 srm (Morey) Estimated calories (per 12 oz) 209


Briess DME - Golden Light Dry Extract 5.000 lb No No 95% 4.0 srm
Briess - Munich Malt 10L Grain 3.250 lb Yes No 77% 10.0 srm
Great Western Crystal 15 Grain 1.500 lb Yes No 76% 18.0 srm


Perle 8.7% 1.200 oz Boil 1.000 hr Pellet 32.1
Sterling 4.5% 0.500 oz [email protected] 10.000 min Pellet 0.0


Pacman (Rogue) Ale Liquid 1l starter Primary


Ingredients - Rogue Dead Guy Clone


So there you have it.   Check back soon for a writeup (hopefully) of how the brewday goes

In the homebrewing world we are always trying to clone a great brew.  Occasionally a brewer will help out and give some advice, sometimes even publish a recipe of theirs.  However, this week Brew Dog went above and beyond and released the recipe for every brew they have produced, scaled down to 5 gallon batches. They clearly spent some time putting this together too, it is a very nicely produced document.  Head on over to www.brewdog.com and grab a copy of it today!  I am definitely looking forward to trying some of these out.


Every single one of the brews listed below are in the PDF:

#Mashtag 2013 Challenger Magic Stone Dog (W/Magic Rock & Stone Brewing Co.)
#Mashtag 2014 Chaos Theory Misspent Youth
#Mashtag 2015 Citra Mixtape 8
10 Heads High Clown King Motueka
5AM Saint Cocoa Psycho Movember
77 Lager Coffee Imperial Stout Mr. Miyagi'S Wasabi Stout
Ab:01 Comet Nanny State
Ab:02 Cult Lager Nelson Sauvin
Ab:03 Dead Metaphor Never Mind The Anabolics
Ab:04 Dead Pony Club No Label
Ab:05 Devine Rebel (W/Mikkeller) Nuns With Guns
Ab:06 Dog A Old World India Pale Ale
Ab:07 Dog B Old World Russian Imperial Stout
Ab:08 Dog C Original Dogma (Née Speedball)
Ab:09 Dog D Paradox Islay
Ab:10 Dog Fight (W/Flying Dog) Paradox Jura
Ab:11 Dog Wired (W/8 Wired) Peach Therapy
Ab:12 Dogma Peroxide Punk
Ab:13 Doodlebug Prototype 27
Ab:14 Edge Prototype Challenge
Ab:15 Electric India Prototype Challenge
Ab:16 Elvis Juice V2.0 Prototype Challenge - All Day Long
Ab:17 Ephyr Prototype Challenge - Hobo Pop
Ab:18 Eurotrash Prototype Challenge - Hop Fiction
Ab:19 Everyday Anarchy Prototype Challenge - Interstellar
Albino Squid Assassin Fake Lager Prototype Challenge - Moshi Moshi 15
Alice Porter Galaxy Prototype Challenge - Vagabond Pale Ale
Alpha Dog Growler Pumpkin King
Alpha Pop Hardcore Ipa Punk Ipa 2007 - 2010
Amarillo Hardkogt Ipa Punk Ipa 2010 - Current
American Wheat Hbc 366 Punk Monk
Anarchist Alchemist Hbc 369 Rabiator
Arcade Nation Hello My Name Is Beastie Restorative Beverage For Invalids And Convalescents
Atlantic Ipa Ale Hello My Name Is Holy Moose Riptide
Avery Brown Dredge Hello My Name Is Ingrid Russian Doll – Barley Wine
Baby Dogma Hello My Name Is Little Ingrid Russian Doll – Double Ipa
Bad Pixie Hello My Name Is Mette-Marit Russian Doll – India Pale Ale
Bashah (W/Stone Brewing Co) Hello My Name Is Päivi Russian Doll – Pale
Bitch Please (W/3 Floyds) Hello My Name Is Sonja (W/Evil Twin) San Diego Scotch Ale (W/Ballast Point)
Black Dog Hello My Name Is Vladimir Santa Paws
Black Eye Joe (W/Stone Brewing Co) Hello My Name Is Zé (W/2Cabeças) Shareholder Black Ipa 2011
Black Eyed King Imp Hinterland Shareholder Brew – Bounty Hunter
Black Eyed King Imp - Vietnamese Coffee Edition Hop Rocker Shipwrecker Circus (W/Oskar Blues)
Black Jacques Hopped-Up Brown Ale Simcoe
Black Tokyo Horizon (W/Nøgne Ø & Mikkeller) Hoppy Christmas Sink The Bismarck!
Blitz Berliner Weisse Hops Kill Nazis Skull Candy
Born To Die How To Disappear Completely Sorachi Ace
Bourbon Baby Hunter Foundation Pale Ale Stereo Wolf Stout
Bracken'S Porter Hype Storm
Bramling X India Pale Weizen (W/Weihenstephan) Sub Hop
Brixton Porter India Session Lager Sunk Punk
B-Sides – Baby Saison International Arms Race (W/Flying Dog) Sunmaid Stout
B-Sides – Berliner Weisse With Raspberries And Rhubarb Ipa Is Dead - Chinook Tactical Nuclear Penguin
B-Sides – Bowman’S Beard Ipa Is Dead - Dana The End Of History
B-Sides – Cascade, Centennial & Willamette Ipa Ipa Is Dead - El Dorado The Physics
B-Sides – Deaf Mermaid Ipa Is Dead - Ella This.Is.Lager.
B-Sides – Hoppy Saison Ipa Is Dead - Goldings Tm10
B-Sides – Mango Gose Ipa Is Dead - Mandarina Bavaria Tokyo Rising Sun - Highland
B-Sides – Melon And Cucumber Ipa Ipa Is Dead - Pioneer Tokyo Rising Sun - Lowland
B-Sides – Morag'S Mojito Ipa Is Dead - Waimea Tokyo*
B-Sides – Orange Blossom Jack Hammer Trashy Blonde
B-Sides – Rhubarb Saison Jasmine Ipa U-Boat (W/Victory Brewing)
B-Sides – Single Hop Enigma Ipa Jet Black Heart Unleash The Yeast - American Ale
B-Sides – Sorachi Bitter Juniper Wheat Beer Unleash The Yeast - Bavarian Weizen
B-Sides – Spiced Cherry Sour Kohatu Unleash The Yeast - Belgian Trappist
B-Sides – Sunshine On Rye Konnichiwa Kitsune Unleash The Yeast -Pilsen Lager
B-Sides – Truffle And Chocolate Stout Libertine Black Ale Vagabond Pilsner
B-Sides – Whisky Sour Libertine Porter Vic Secret
Buzz Lichtenstein Pale Ale Vice Bier
Candy Kaiser Lizard Bride Vote Sepp
Cap Dog (W/Cap Brewery) Lost Dog (W/Lost Abbey) White Noise
Catherine'S Pony (W/Beavertown) Lumberjack Stout Zeitgeist


To Martin and James from Brew Dog - Thank you!

I recently had the chance to brew up the Black Friday Stout that I got for christmas - finally had the time and gear.   Got a chance to try out the modified Corona mill, and it worked great!  And it is fermenting away in the fridge-turned-fermentation chamber powered by BrewPi


The stout looks like it is going to come out very nice.   Grain bill and all the info coming soon


**Update, 4/6/16**

Being that I am going to be out of town for two weeks, I bottled this one Monday so that it is ready when I get home - well almost ready.  From the smell I think this one is going to come out great. Had a very nice roasty, coffee smell to it.  I only got to taste a really small sample, not enough to judge the flavor.  So far very happy with how this came out.   Recipe to be added really soon.