Hop Bines in the sun

I have an older Grand Cherokee with the SKIM keys, chip keys or whatever else you know them as. The ones the dealer charges a bunch for. To make it worse, I have just one key.  I needed a second. Wanted a second. Didnt have it in the budget.   Once day I came across software that looked like it would do it while looking for something else. Appcar DiagFCA.

I bought it for diagnostics, and at the time the SKIM programming was in the future. Today it paid for utself many times over.   I bought a cheap key blank (AliExpress, $20, cut and delivered, with keyless entry fob and all) and gave it a shot.  First time around it did not take but the second time was flawless.  To be fair, the SKIM/RKE programming is still a beta feature. But overall very happy.  Software, key, total invested was under $70 and I have very well featured diagnostics as well.

One of these days I will sit down and make a good video with more of the features - but for now here is a clip of me programming a new key, at home, in my driveway.    All you need is the software, an OBD2 bluetooth or USB adapter and laptop.

Bonuses for me, I enabled the tilt mirrors on reverse and DRL options!


As you can see - it took a couple minutes to cycle through but quick, easy, and best of all, no dealership prices! Don't get me wrong, dealer service has it's place and purpose, but being technical and doing things on my own, this was a no brainer.