Hop Bines in the sun

Do you want to pay less for gas? Of course we all do.  I have two apps I use and am saving anywhere from 15 to 20 cents per gallon, every time.  Sometimes more, sometimes less, but usually in that range.  It doesn't sound like much, but if you drive a lot, it adds up.   I am up to over $50 that I have saved. Use the links below and get a bonus discount the first time, too!

I mentioned two apps.  The first is Upside  When you click on this link it will take you to their page. (Not on your phone? It will text you a link)  Upside works with gas stations all over the place.  You find a participating station near you, claim your discount and use credit/debit. Upload your reciept after getting gas and within a day or two they credit your account for the savings.

The second is more a feature than an app - Gasbuddy payment card.   An extra 5c/gallon every time, not a rebate, comes right off the price before they debit you.  Accepted all over the place and works like a debit card - link to your checking and it debits your account the following day. I have been using it for a while and it is a great deal.  Click here to visit their site.

What I do is this - find a deal in the Upside app and claim it.  Get my gas and pay with the Gasbuddy card I have.  Instantly get the Gasbuddy 5 cents off, and next day I get my cash back from Upside,  Simple!  And cash in your pocket!